Who we are

S R P  was founded in 1991 by four partners: Giles Cattermole Cathy Shoebridge, Pia Pasternak and Maria White-Spunner.

 Around this partnership are gathered a small group of strategy professionals:


"The art of war (lit. or fig.) especially planning of movements of troops, ships, etc. into favourable positions:  (a plan using) skills in business, politics, etc."

Oxford English Dictionary

S R P  operate across the globe - We also have a wide international network of associates.

We specialise in putting together appropriate teams for specific projects. More often than not using native speakers to a particular country.

Giles Cattermole                        Matt Barney                               Lizi Hesling

Bartosz Pastuszka                     Chris Cattermole                      Kyryll Zhyvotovskiy            

Kyryll Zhyvotovskiy Chris Cattermole Giles Cattermole Lizi Hesling Matt Barney Bartosz Pastuszka
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