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"Winning  -  as slowly as possible"

Jack Brabham, AO, OBE

Three times Formula One Champion


We believe in one truth: that better results come from better strategy

We believe in one requirement: that better strategy depends on better information

Through this all things can be thought through and made better

For us and for our shareholders, we have a duty to do better

For our sake we should work smarter; not just harder

On the third day we should ask ourselves how we can serve our customers better, faster or cheaper than our competitors

They will come again and re-order, if we do that. The market speaks through market shares

We believe in the power of analysis and numbers, if they are translated into actions

Which speak through the profits

We believe in focussing on just those things we do best.

We acknowledge that shareholders require great efforts from us

We look for a sustainable, profitable future, and a comfortable retirement at the end


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