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We are strategists; but we don’t do strategy.

That is: we don't define a new strategy - or take strategic decisions - for you.

Because every strategic decision involves two sides:

  1. The world outside:  the market, customers, competitors, suppliers, regulatory and tax authorities.

  1. The world inside:  the company's real priorities. What the Directors want to achieve; what they need to avoid; what they think the company can do - and what not; how the workforce will respond.    

SRP can help with the ‘world outside’ issues. We can shed light on the ‘difficult’ uncertainties and problems. But we can never match your knowledge of the ‘world inside’.

Difficult strategic decisions are difficult because they involve making trade-offs. And those trade-offs involve uncertainties. SRP populate those uncertainties with facts; costs, prices, market reactions, competitor reactions. Then we work those facts through to their effects on your volumes,  costs, profits and cash flows.

- We gather, format and interpret information for you,

so that you can take the hard decisions in clarity.

"Isn’t it astonishing that all these secrets have been preserved for so many years just so we could discover them.”

Orville Wright

Why can we do this for you?:

  1. We are not you - If you research the world and the market every move you make, and every question you ask, will elicit a specific reaction to you - as a major player. We can ask the same questions as a small, very private, consultancy and get unbiased responses

  1. We have broad experience - The members of SRP cumulate almost a century of strategy consulting experience

  1. We have tools and approaches - We have developed a series of specific methods to access and to format information that is not simply  ‘internet research’. We get in on the ground

  1. We have a world-wide network - Our core London based team is small, but we have trusted partners in all areas of the world. Our 'on the ground' research is conducted by local nationals, operating in their home environment and culture