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A company’s strategy at any time will have large parts in good condition and some stretches needing attention. You can dip into this at any point to sharpen areas where the strategy is out of date or unclear......READ MORE......


Strategy Resource Partners concentrates on competitive strategy. Nothing else:


We find and format information, so that you can take the difficult decisions, with a clear view of the issues and the outcomes.


We are a resource that you can call on. Good strategy is not for the next quarter's results, but for years to come. We do not expect to be called back for a review of a strategy assignment within the following five years.


We are a partnership, not a company. We have no shareholders to expect dividends. So we work in partnership with you, to improve the outturn for you

“…..How to achieve better results

(market share, growth, cash flow) than competitors

— and get home on Friday evening….”

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no one will know your score!

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