SRP Recent Past Conferences 					With the KEY message we took from each

April 2011 / ICI, Bad Nauheim

Key message: CI is still unrecognised. European standards are not yet in place; US ones are not appropriate for Europe

Sept 2011 Marcus Evans, Berlin

Key message: 'Push' CI marketing to top management does not work. Decision-critical intelligence 'pulled' by them does.

March 2012 GIA CI Breakfast, London

Key message: Surveys show that there is no correlation between the amount a firm spends on CI and its satisfaction with the results

June 2012 We-Conect, Berlin

Key message: The greatest challenge many firms face is losing their Intellectual Property to state-backed east Asian competitors

September 2012 Midfield Media, Stockholm  April 2013

Key message: Scandinavian Business have some of the best examples of good BI/CI practice in the world. Through a Collaborative BI exchange standards and in turn profits could be driven up for a wider spectrum of Scandinavian business.

October 2012 Rapport, Ukraine Kyiv

Key message: Further transformation of civil society is needed, before conventional western strategy consulting is fully relevant to Ukrainian business.

April 2013 ICI, Prague

Key message: Mostly academic structuring of CI but with some interesting industrial applications.

November 2013 III CEE Fraud & Risk Conference, Warsaw

May 2014 UKCIF, London

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